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Established in 1973, the firm has grown to become one of the leading commercial, intellectual property and corporate law firms in Iran. The firm’s practice areas include Intellectual property law, corporate and commercial law, foreign investment, company formation, oil and gas laws, maritime law, foreign collaboration and joint ventures.

The Intellectual Property Department of the firm is an established team of a few well respected patent and trademark law practitioners in the country who have extensive experience in this area, particularly in the representation of foreign patent and trademark applicants. These lawyers have not only the requisite qualifications but also extensive practical experience, and many of them have spent years studying or working in universities and law firms in foreign countries. Over the years, we have represented a great number of foreign and Iranian companies and successfully processed and dealt with their patent and trademark applications and related legal matters.

The 100 Top Brands

LOTS OF INGREDIENTS go into ranking the world’s most valuable brands. To even qualify for the list, each brand must have a value greater than $1 billion, derive about a third of its earnings outside its home country, and have publicly available marketing and financial data. One or more of those criteria eliminate such heavyweights as Visa, Wal-Mart, Mars, and CNN. We don’t rank parent companies, which …

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